Saturday, June 27, 2015

Parent2Parent Tip #10.5 - In Case of Emergency Continued

I recently needed to update my son's Active Medication List and thought to add another valuable tidbit of information, so I wanted to give you guys a quick little note about the addition.

Hunt had a brief seizure episode, otherwise known as a spell, night before last. As usual I email the information to his neurologist. She emailed back to up his medicine a little. Okay, my first opportunity to update Hunt's Active Medication List.

After updating the medication information I turned my attention to the General Information section of the list where I talk about Hunt's demeanor and ability to answer questions. In this section I wanted to also include any issues or positives about previous ambulance experience, ability to tolerate having vitals checked and most important...his able to tolerate IV catheterization. It's facts like this that EMTs really appreciate knowing.

I hope the suggestion to post pertinent medical information in a safe place, in case of emergencies, is a useful one for you, if you have not already thought of it. As parents we don't often like to think about emergencies happening to ourselves or our kids. We're often times too busy juggling the hundred and one things we have to do in any given day. Taking the time to put forth a little thought and effort into preventative ideas or ways to lighten the load should an emergency occur will be very beneficial to us and our kids in the long run. 

Take care, be well and happy parenting :-)

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