Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Little Something: Today's Lament

Today was not too different for me.
My son arose at 6am and he,
Put's on a movie playing it very loud.
Not just any loud,
But playing the same section over and over again loud.
Darn that AB button.

He bursts into my room,
Giving me a huge kiss on the cheek,
Before grinning and spinning on tippy toes,
While reciting repeating lines.
It's going to be a happy flappy day.

I got up a little later,
Said my prayers and made breakfast.
I've quite enjoyed taking this little break.
Most of my days filled with following up on correspondence,
Debugging the front porch and then blogging about it,
All while enjoying a cup of hot tea.

I'm sitting in front of my computer,
Thinking of what to say.
Does it matter?
Will anyone read it anyway?
Aww, in comes my little dog Ginger wanting to play.
Oh look, she brought two friends,
That I'll spend hours swatting away.

Stressing, stressing, stressing, stressing,
I'm so tired of stressing today.
Another sip of my lukewarm tea takes all the worry away.

What is that I hear?
Could it be,
The microwave's buzzer in my ear?
My son's just made lunch.
How much time has gone by?
As I still sit here glaring at my screen,
Losing the will to try.

Does anyone really care,
About the words I struggle to say?
I think I might give up on it and try another day. I won't! I'm going to write something today.

So here it is, my lament as you see.
I'm rejoice spinning and grinning with glee,
Feel like singing from the trees,
That I so cleverly wrote this post with ease,
All while taking another sip of my ice cold tea.