Saturday, June 20, 2015

If You Could, What Would You Say to Reduce the Harsh Reality of Stigma, Stereotype and Minsinformation of IDD?

"Stigma, stereotypes and misinformation follows individuals with intellectual and developmental disability. If you could remind other of one fact to reduce this harsh reality what would it be?"
Ezra Lockhart, MCSE, CT, AC

My response:

I cannot speak for all people on the spectrum. I can only speak for myself and by way of witness I can speak a little for my son. 

What comes to mind...

I am human...even though some of my mannerisms may differ from yours. That does not make me less human than you.

I am human...I have feelings and emotions even though you may not see them. I feel love, pain, sorrow, anger, frustration, warmth, comfort, empathy. I can feel emotions like you can, maybe even more so.

I am human...I may not be able to respond to you in a way you would consider normal, but I can respond. You just have to get to know me and you will understand.

I am human...I have a voice whether I am able to speak like you or not. Learn my language so you can hear me.

I am human...I have difficulty answering questions right away. Be patient with me.

I am human...I have the ability to learn if you have the patience to each me.

I am human...I want to be recognized for being who I am. I am so much more than a label. I am me. See me.

I am human...I am not a punishment. I am a gift. Your child. My life is precious and my love for you, infinite.


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