Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Studies Show Injury to Cerebellum Having Possible Connection to Autism

I usually don't pay much attention to most of the research on autism because it seems to be more propaganda than tangible. That's just my opinion. Earlier today I was doing a little research on TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) when I came across a couple articles about early injury to cerebellum being the root to autism. I don't know about it being the "root" to autism, but I do believe there is a direct connection.

My son started having seizures 3 years ago. Year before last, when the seizures started coming more frequently his neurologist scheduled an MRI. The results from the MRI showed a beautiful brain that appeared to be of normal functioning, that is with exception to the abnormality of my son's cerebellum. One side appears to be fine, but the other side is almost nonexistent. The neurologist said she did not see any correlation between my son's malformed cerebellum and autism. I did a little research the functioning of the cerebellum. According to what I read the cerebellum contributes quite a bit to the brains functionality Overview: Functions of The Cerebellum. So if my son's cerebellum is malformed, how could it not in some way contribute to his autism or perhaps some of the traits of autism like speech (being non-verbal)?

As I stated, it was a few years ago when we first discovered my son's brain abnormality. I found this information earlier today. The article was originally written September 7th 2014. I still can't quite figure out why the neurologist had no clue.

"New research from Princeton shows that cerebellum damage, especially in the second and third trimesters, could be the root of autism."

Here's the link Early Brain Injury Might Be the Root of Autism

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