Monday, April 14, 2014


Autism is, being bullied just because you see things differently or do things differently.

Autism is, when you have to suppress who you are in order to be accepted, even though those who claim to accept you may never really like you.

Autism is, when you see people around you acting funny as if something is wrong; you wonder what is causing them to act that way only to find later that it was you they were reacting to.

Autism is, the shame and embarrassment parents feel when friends question their child's behaviors. Many children are punished for behaviors they cannot control.

Autism is, suddenly screaming at a friend who was angered because you are confused about an emotion they've shown attached to something they've said which does not make sense, so you inquire and they take it wrong.

Autism is, being so desperate for friends that you are willing to buy things in order to entice friendships, but still devastated years later when your "friends" tell you they were only using you.

Autism is, when family members don't want to be around you anymore because you have absolutely nothing in common. It is as if being shunned for bad behavior or becoming a pre-teen or teen means you've aged-out of being accepted.

Autism is, when your 5th grade teacher doesn't question why you walked out of the classroom nor does she make any attempt to call you back.

Autism is, being left behind, forgotten, ignored. It is a lacking. The lack of ability for people to see your beauty, truth, intelligence and viability.

Please be more accepting of people and their differences.

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