Sunday, February 24, 2013

Autistic People should…

Happy flash blog day!!!  Many of my fellow spectrumites are participating in a flash blog today. We are to complete the sentence - Autistic people should…

Here is my sentence, a love note to society.

Autistic people should be seen as valuable, viable, and resourceful members of society.

We live in a society that gives little value to those who are socially, physically or emotionally different. There are too many instances where tolerance is used to fill in the gaps for political correctness. To be tolerated is an insult. We deserve better than that. Autistics did not raise their hands and say, “oh, please, let me to be in society.”

Autistics have always been part of society.  

Autistics have the same rights and should receive the same respect as any other member of society. That is a given to ALL.

Autistics do not deserve to be alienated, cast aside, ignored, bullied or banished.

Autistics are…

Artful, inquisitive and gifted

Unusual and outside of the box thinkers


Individuals first and foremost

Simply wonderful




Survivors of insurmountable odds

Autistics are mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, children, family members and friends.

Autistics are part of all walks of life, religion, race, color and creed. We have the desire to love and be loved; to understand and to be understood.

Compassion breads understanding.
 Acceptance is long overdue.

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